About Us


We are a benchmark in the field of humancapital development. We exceed expectations of all our stakeholders, leading to happier individuals and an empowered society.

We are a destination for extraordinary talent who take pride in what we do and are driven by a higher purpose.


To create profitable and sustainable growth for all we serve by


Developing and strengthening attitudes, abilities, skills, processes, and resources for individuals, organizations, and institutions.


Building long term partnerships by addressing stakeholder’s needs with effective solutions using our experience, global expertise, thought leadership, and continuous innovation mindset.


Improving relentlessly the way we operate so that the trust and confidence that all our stakeholders place in us is enhanced each day


Fostering a work culture where equal opportunities, learning, high performance, growth, dignity, and respect for each other are valued

We believe that growth comes from inspiring change not only in the minds but also in the hearts of people so that they do more of what they want to do and can do


  • Commitment & Customer Success
  • Transparency and Ethics
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  • Fairness & Inclusiveness
  • Learning & Advancement
  • Passion & Purpose
  • Openness and Collaboration

Company Profile

Company Profile

Walchand PeopleFirst Ltd (formerly, Walchand Capital Limited) ventured into the services sector focusing on Talent Development and Consulting.

Pallavi Jha, Chairperson, and Managing Director steered the company’s business direction into the realm of performance enhancement and business skills development in partnership with Dale Carnegie & Associates, the world leader in performance-based training and skills development.

Headquartered in New York, USA, Dale Carnegie & Associates has a presence in over 80 countries. It has trained more than 8 million people worldwide in more than 30 languages. Over 400 of the Fortune 500 companies and successful individuals from Olympic champions to Heads of States have been Dale Carnegie graduates.

With the establishment of Dale Carnegie Training India, Walchand PeopleFirst represented the first corporate face of the Training industry in India. Since its launch in 2003, it has succeeded in setting new global benchmarks and has created a quiet revolution in this sector. It has become the first choice partner amongst leading corporates and professionals including Tata Teleservices, Reliance Industries, Mahindra & Mahindra, Novartis, Philips, Wipro, ICICI, HSBC, Cognizant, Standard Chartered, Lupin, Oracle, Microsoft, Infosys, Bharti Airtel, Alfa Laval, General Motors, Forbes Marshall, EY, McKinsey, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Maruti, HPCL, Red Bull, Genpact, Mindtree, Kurukshetra University, etc.

Deepening the connection with society, Walchand Plus was born out of the need to reach the depth and breadth of India’s people capacity and enable social and business transformation through it. Since it’s formalization in 2015, Walchand Plus has worked with nodal government bodies like National Skill Development Corporation, Maharashtra Police and Indian Railways and a number of foundations to realize the skill mission of India. Apart from that, it has also worked with esteemed educational institutions to improve the quality of education by the way of developing essential skills in faculty and students.

With a vision of building on the spirit of philanthropy that Mr. Bahubali Gulabchand lived by and to give force to his vision for uplifting Indian society, the Bahubali Gulabchand Foundation was founded in the year 2009. By the way of partnering with corporates to implement their CSR vision and providing financial assistance in the fields of education and health for those in need, Bahubali Gulabchand Foundation has been working tirelessly to achieve its objectives.

Company History

Walchand PeopleFirst Ltd (formerly, Walchand Capital Ltd) was founded by Seth Walchand Hirachand in 1920 and is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange. Its history spanning over 8 decades, has witnessed many exciting developments in its attempt to continually adapt to and exploit the changing business exigencies. In its early phase of growth, the company expanded its investments in the sectors of civil construction, pre-fabricated concrete manufacturing, heavy engineering, light engineering, automobiles, sugar, and confectionery, by holding the controlling interests in these ventures. The Walchand Group has been considered among the top business houses in India.

With changing business circumstances on account of the liberalisation and globalisation in the early 90’s, the Group decided to restructure its various businesses in separate undertakings in order to insulate businesses from each other. In 1994, the first phase of restructuring took effect when the company divested its holdings in the automobile and heavy engineering companies. This enabled the company to substantially expand its balance sheet.

The company, since 1994, was engaged in short-term corporate financing. It was a registered NBFC and successfully launched its fixed deposit schemes and retail finance operations. However, owing to the new Reserve Bank of India guidelines the company took a strategic decision to withdraw from its fund-based activities and eventually exited the financial services industry.

The company since began its focus on people’s development. Its new journey began in 2001with Financial Training and then into Behavioural Training, HR Consulting, Vocational skills & CSR Consulting.

Company History

Seth Walchand Hirachand

– The Patriot Entrepreneur

A man of rare talent and conviction, Seth Walchand Hirachand believed that his life’s mission was to free India from her economic bondage. He dedicated his life to make India self- reliant and he fired this up with unrelenting enthusiasm to empower people and establish new realities. Seth Walchand Hirachand’s life is a manifestation of the ‘pursuit for excellence’. It was a life guided by a powerful vision, through this tremendous vision he generated some out-of-the-box strategic thinking, chartered the road ahead with impeccable planning, unparalleled human resource empowerment, and rigorous project management. Hailing from a trading community that migrated to Sholapur from Saurashtra in the middle of the 19th century, Seth Walchand Hirachand was not born into an industrial family. His entrepreneurial journey started after he completed his education in Bombay and Poona. A small railway contract in Maharashtra led Seth Walchand Hirachand to create enterprises that spanned the entire industrial spectrum. Seth Walchand Hirchand’s ventures covered:

A small railway contract in Maharashtra led Seth Walchand Hirachand to create enterprises that spanned the entire industrial spectrum. Seth Walchand Hirchand’s ventures covered:

An avid traveller, Seth Walchand Hirchand headed the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and many other organisations.
In many ways, Seth Walchand Hirchand has been the father of the Indian industry. We are honoured to be operating under this legacy and strive to keep up the values instilled by him.

Board of Directors

  • Pallavi Jha

    Chairperson & Managing Director Dale Carnegie Training India

    Pallavi Jha is the Chairperson & Managing Director of Dale Carnegie Training India and Walchand PeopleFirst Ltd. Pallavi has diversified exposure to various management practices in areas such as training and development, HR, consulting and business restructuring, covering a wide range of industries from Engineering, Construction, FMCG, Media, and Financial Services.

  • Sanjay Jha

    Executive Director Dale Carnegie Training India

    Sanjay Jha is the Executive Director of the world-famous Dale Carnegie Training operations in India, which has a global experience of having worked with over 400 of the Top Fortune 500 companies. In India, Dale Carnegie has worked with over 3000 corporate firms, multinational companies, public sector, government and NGOs and trained more than

  • Mr. Joseph Pereira

    Additional Independent Director

    Mr. Joseph Pereira is a Director on the Board of Saint-Gobain Sekruit India Limited which is Listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange. He is a Post-Graduate in Management (MBA) from IIM- Calcutta and is a Fellow member of the Institute of Cost Accountants of India (ICWAI). He also has a BSc degree in Maths, Physics-from St. Xavier College, Mumbai. He also has a Post Graduate certificate in Managerial Maths/OR from St. Xavier Institute, Mumbai.

  • Mr. H. N. Shrinivas

    Independent Director

    Mr. H.N Shrinivas worked with THE TAJ GROUP OF HOTELS for over 25 years, where he retired as the Sr. Vice President – Total Quality and Business Excellence (Corporate Quality Head) and Sr. Vice President – Human Resources. At Taj Hotels, he successfully built a customer centric work culture through innovative employee engagement practices.

  • Jehangir Ardeshir

    Independent Director

    Jehangir Ardeshir presently serves as a non-executive / independent Director at Forbes Marshall, Cyient DLM, and Sarotam Industrial, all privately owned. In his executive career, he was the Group CEO of Forbes Marshall (Nov 2013 to Oct 2018), prior to which he was President and MD of Terex India

Senior Management Team

  • Pallavi Jha
    Chairperson & Managing Director
    Dale Carnegie Training India
  • Sanjay Jha
    Executive Director
  • Shruti Patni
    Chief Financial Officer
    Head of Operations