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Best practices to launch a CSR Program

According to recent reports, about one third of a person’s life is spent at their workplace. In an era where job security is essential for working women in India, gender disparity is the strongest battle faced by them.

Best practices to launch a CSR Program

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) consists of a vast labyrinth of information. Connecting the dots in the right way will ensure that your organization’s initiatives are sustainable in the long run.

One of the dots consists of launching your CSR Program in the best possible manner

This article has handpicked practices that we believe will help you launch an impactful CSR program!

  1. Define what CSR means to you.

Corporate Social Responsibility allows companies to measure, monitor, and improve their economic, social, or environmental impact on society. It requires businesses to analyse how their decisions will affect people, the environment, profit, and their goals.

Having said that, CSR can mean different things to different organisations. Define the goals your company wants to work towards. Define what CSR means to you.

2. Create a long-term vision for your CSR initiative.

One of the most critical factors to keep in mind before setting the foundation for your CSR activities is establishing your company’s long-term vision for social impact. To make this vision a reality, the sustainability of your CSR programme must be considered at this stage. It will ensure that the efforts that you put in do not go to waste.

How? By answering these questions:

●     What is the purpose of this CSR program?

●     What are its goals and objectives?

●     Is it sustainable?

●     Who are the end beneficiaries?

3. Establish metrics to gauge the effectiveness of your CSR program.

How you measure the success of a CSR program will depend on the implemented program. It is important to note that some benefits will be tangible, such as revenue or growth from gaining access to a new market. Others, while equally important, will be intangible – such as, improving the skillset for a specific employee or enhancing employee morale. The key is to establish metrics that align your CSR initiative with your long-term strategy, providing clear direction and goals to be achieved

4. Discuss the CSR objective in a precise and open manner.

In today’s digital world, information spreads fast. Particularly information that has a negative connotation.  

When it comes to CSR goals, you must ensure that your CSR programs are precise and easy to understand by the public at large.   

Be clear and concise when describing the objectives and expected results of the CSR programme. Communicating critical strategies, initiatives, and metrics in clear terms will help all parties understand one another and come together to achieve them. To help with this, and to boost motivation, engagement, and accountability, you must create a communication plan keeping in mind specific goals, target audience, topics, key messages, timeframes, channels, and feedback assistance.  

5.    Involve your workforce in your CSR strategy development.

Human beings are hardwired to be around each other. The sense of togetherness and the feeling of being a part of a community are natural feelings we experience daily.

 Accommodate the values and principles of the team and engage your employees in strategy development to encourage accountability and a sense of purpose. According to research, empowering employees and providing a sense of community can significantly improve team effectiveness, employee satisfaction, and their perception of corporate management.

The above parameters can be considered a baseline to establish the optimal way to launch your CSR programs and practices. However, to gain a holistic and aligned approach, you would need assistance and direction from an expert.

Here is where Walchand Plus comes in.

 We at Walchand Plus understand the importance of creating a sustainable future for the upcoming generations. We strongly believe that the world is our home. Therefore, we strive toward contributing to the greater good.

 Instead of being overwhelmed by the pathways and information that CSR entails, we are doing our part to ensure that corporate social responsibility becomes a fundamental value of every organisation on this planet.

 Get in touch with us today to know more about how we can help to launch CSR programs.