The Human Side to a Change Initiative

The Human Side to a Change Initiative Traditional change management no longer withstands the test of time. Organizations fail because of rigid structures and employees not accepting the “old-school” operational change management measures. How do we go about creating a unique but sustainable process where employees can transition to a “desired state’’ is what we … Continue reading “The Human Side to a Change Initiative”

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How to be Resilient in Times like COVID-19

In the past month, there have been more than a few around me who have expressed that they wouldn’t in their wildest imagination have expected to live in extraordinary times like these. But the truth is, while the nature of the events might change, history has taught us that disaster and crises occur far more frequently now than ever.

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Empowering Women

For far too long, society was in blissful denial about the state of the well-being of nearly half of its population. Whether it’s the cognitive revolution, the agricultural revolution or more recently, the technological revolution, women have got a smaller piece of the pie all along.

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2020 Learning Trends

‘In man-machine symbiosis, it is man who must adjust; the machines can’t’~ Alan Perlis The ability to constantly adjust and re-adjust is perhaps the biggest strength of humans. Go back to the invention of electricity or even the internet age

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Empowerment Served Two Ways

If you look closely, you will be able to notice a tectonic shift in the way people are being led in the corporate space. Leadership styles have evolved from autocratic and transactional to democratic and inspirational.

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Time to Nurture and Time to Grow: Employers Become Leaders

  • | 07 October 2018

In today’s world of oversharing, everyone has at least thought about complaining about their boss. Of course, this has its downsides. For instance, your boss might be following your social media account – it’s uncanny, right? Yet if your boss has an interest in you, they might just check up on your activities every once … Continue reading “Time to Nurture and Time to Grow: Employers Become Leaders”

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5 Tips To Take Your Learning Skills To The Next Level

  • | 22 April 2018

Learning is an important part of life, we can’t live without this vital skill, which is active since our first days out of the womb. We might say that we are designed to learn new things all through life. Learning is fundamental to grow and to gain new knowledge about life, society and the job … Continue reading “5 Tips To Take Your Learning Skills To The Next Level”

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Tips For Better Human Capital Development Practices

  • | 19 March 2017

Without a doubt, the success of any company depends on its human capital. The more valuable this capital, the higher the productivity and growth in the long term. The human capital consists of all the skills, talents and experience that employees use when performing their tasks. The fact that the HR department should play a … Continue reading “Tips For Better Human Capital Development Practices”

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Investing in Your People: Giving the Right Tools

  • | 16 December 2015

Human capital is the most important form of capital to any business. Good businesses will invest in ensuring their people are happy, and that their staff are successful as a result.     If you want your sales or marketing team to be successful, you need to give them the tools to get the job done … Continue reading “Investing in Your People: Giving the Right Tools”

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