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Trainer - Communication and Workplace Skills

Objective of the “Communication and Workplace Skills” course in CPBFI 3.0

The Certificate Program in Banking, Finance and Insurance (CPBFI), conducted by a Leading BFSI aims at enhancing employability of graduates especially first-generation graduates. The “Communication and Workplace Skills” course is designed by a “Board of Studies” consisting of subject matter experts from Institute for Psychological Health (IPH), and the client team.

The end objectives of the ‘Communication and Workplace Skills’ course are: –

  1. The participants should display clarity of thinking and should be able to comprehend and communicate effectively with confidence and poise. This requires active listening, clarity of thinking and well-structured logical expression of thoughts and ideas.
  2. The participants should develop an understanding about how their own personality and thinking affects their communication and other workplace The participants should not just end up believing that communication skills as speaking or writing in a particular way.
  3. Every participant should develop good understanding of various workplace skills, barriers to effective communication at workplace and what enables an assertive communication.
Qualifications & Experience

Post-Graduation/Graduation in any stream with excellent academic records.

MBA / post-graduation will be an added advantage.

Preferred Age – 35 – 65 years

Certification in REBT or any psychology related course would be an advantage.

Certification or Accreditation in training or facilitation would be an advantage.

Work Experience and Competencies

The trainer must have 3 to 5 years’ experience of working with students / youth for communication skills and workplace skills trainings. Experience of working in a corporate team setting as a trainer or in any other role would be an advantage.

The trainer should demonstrate deep understanding of the principles and practices of business communication, barriers to communication, relationship among thoughts, emotions and behaviour and other theoretical aspects of communication. We are looking for practitioners with solid understanding of theory.

The trainers should be open minded to learn and align with the concept of cognitive aspects of communication and workplace skills. Ability to unlearn some concepts in the context of this program will be helpful.

The trainers should be focused on the learning outcomes and show role model organic connect with the learners.

The trainers should be well versed in English and fluent in the regional language. While the training would be conducted in English, trainers who explain the complex concepts in local language are more effective.