Walchand Plus

Government & Associations MAVIM

How we helped 38 underprivileged men become industry-ready.

Business Need

MAVIM introduced  empowerment program to  enable rural women to make use of opportunities  in economic, social & political spheres. The aim  was to create strong and  sustainable Self Help  Groups (SHGs) to provide  economic and social  support to underprivileged  women.


Walchand Plus worked as  HRD consultant to  undertake a study of HR  function and facilitated in  providing strategic HR  solutions to MAVIM that  are scalable over the next  7 years.


The intervention facilitated  growth for an employee  base of 270 thereby assisting MAVIM to set up  robust and effective human  resource practices.

It also generated new and  improved livelihood  opportunities and market  linkages and other support  services.