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  • | 16 December 2015

Investing in Your People: Giving the Right Tools

Human capital is the most important form of capital to any business. Good businesses will invest in ensuring their people are happy, and that their staff are successful as a result.  

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If you want your sales or marketing team to be successful, you need to give them the tools to get the job done well, so that they continue to derive satisfaction from their work while keeping the company profitable.  

If you are taking part in non face-to-face marketing you can send a prospecting letter to selected targets or write an article or column for newspaper or local magazine. You can use a podcast or phone message broadcast or an infomercial on local access channel. You also have the ability to send out DVD of talk on selected specialty to target audience and submit monthly newsletter/blog or email articles. 

Marketing with Your Human Capital 

It is important that you do a check up for your marketing plan the same as you would for your patients. Check-ups can be conducted using a simple one page questionnaire for people to evaluate how they are doing in regard to any area of their mental health.  Examples are: parenting, marital, communication, recovery, moods, etc. You should distribute “Check Ups” to agencies, classes, health clubs, and doctor’s offices, libraries, bookstores, churches, former and current clients – any place that will give them away for free. You should also give away a “Welcome to the Practice” email/letter- send immediately when making first appointment.  This will significantly decreases first appointment “no shows”. 

Client satisfaction survey helps client feel their treatment was important to you – increases their word of mouth referrals and helps you collect data to improve your counseling skills and practice. You should include Portfolio and Waiting Room Resources such as a brochure or pamphlet – “How To” give to appropriate agencies or professionals.  They will distribute for you. i.e., “How to get your child to listen the first time.” Give to pediatricians, school personnel, DHS workers, Child Care Centers, Ministers. 

Another option for marketing is though telemarketing. 


• Giving teleseminars ups your “expert-ability“

• Teleseminars are a great opportunity to leverage your expertise

• Record your teleseminar and can turn it into a CD, create an e-course, create and e-book, create a series of articles, include it in a series of teleseminars, include it as part of a home study course. 

• You are able to reach a much wider audience

• You can build a loyal following

• A loyal following spends money with you 

If you are marketing to other businesses:

• Go visit and introduce yourself

• Locate your office near other professionals

• Send letters and other materials (newsletters, patient education materials)

• Get to know office staff

• Keep in touch

• Write thank you notes for everything! 

If you need to overcome objectives you can raise the points that you offer a group alongside more affordable rates and less intimidation. Who do you know that can help you to work with me to achieve your goals? Who do you know that cares enough to help you achieve this? Find that person and work with them.  

You should always remember – the real product is you! Market to your desired audience, not to yourself! Take care of your business and it will take care of you! Always get more training! After you increase your training you need to follow up and then follow up!  

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