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  • | 03 February 2020

Corporate Announcement

Familiarisation programmes imparted to Independent directors

Independent Directors play an important role in the governance processes of the Board. They bring to bear their expertise and experience on the deliberations of the Board. This enriches the decision making process at the Board with different points of view and experiences and prevents conflict of interest in decision making.

At the time of appointing a Director, a formal letter of appointment is given to him/her and the details pertaining to their roles, responsibilities, functions and the Board’s expectation are explained in the Meeting.

In furtherance to the above, the Company holds Business Review Meeting every quarter to explain the details of the performance of the Company. Further, Directors’ Vision Meeting is held annually to set the strategic direction of the Company. A presentation is shared by the Chairperson and Managing Director of the Company giving the details of the governance and internal control processes and other relevant information pertaining to the Company’s business.

Number of Programmes attended by Independent Director Number of hours spent by Independent Director during the year (Business Review Meetings and Vision and Strategy Meeting.) Number of hours spent by Independent Director on cumulative basis till date
27.04.2016 1 hour 1 hour
28.07.2016 2 hours 3 hours
08.11.20161 hour and 30 minutes 4 hour and 30 minutes
02.02.2017 1 hour and 30 minutes 6 hours
03.02.2017 7 hours and 30 minutes 13 hour and 30 minutes
21.04.20171 hour and 30 minutes 15 hours
31.07.2017 1 hour and 30 minutes 16 hours and 30 minutes
06.11.2017 1 hour and 30 minutes 18 hours
30.01.20181 hour and 30 minutes 19 hours and 30 minutes
31.01.20187 hour and 30 minutes 27 hours
04.02.2019 7 hours 34 hours
31.01.2020 7 hours 41 hours

Unclaimed Dividend

List of Shareholders whose Shares will be transferred to IEPF previous years

List of Shareholders whose Shares will be transferred to IEPF








Details of Nodal Officer & Deputy Nodal Officer

Name of Nodal Officer: Ms. Shruthi Patni
Email id:

Name of Deputy Nodal Officer: Ms. Kajal Sudani
Email id: