About Us

About Us

Walchand PeopleFirst is the exclusive partner of Dale Carnegie & Associates in India. It is also the sole promoter of Walchand Plus which is in the business of skill development and CSR consulting in India.

Walchand PeopleFirst Ltd. is a public listed company which was founded in 1920 by Seth Walchand Hirachand.


We are a benchmark in the field of human capital development. We exceed expectations of all our stakeholders, leading to happier individuals and an empowered society.


We believe that growth comes from inspiring change not only in the minds but also in the hearts of people so that they do more of what they want to do and can do.

About us
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Walchand Heritage

Walchand Heritage

Seth Walchand Hirachand
– The Patriot Entrepreneur

A man of rare talent and conviction, Seth Walchand Hirachand believed that his life's mission was to free India from her economic bondage. He dedicated his life to make India self- reliant and he fired this up with unrelenting enthusiasm to empower people and establish new realities.

  • Why an Attitude of Accountability should also be accompanied with Accountability of Attitude

    Pallavi Jha
    22 January 2021

    Some people say we are perhaps the most sensitive generation that ever lived on earth. Our individualistic tendencies make us more vulnerable than any other people who lived before us. The truth is, we are all living in a world rife with triggers. 2021 is a year when information is travelling at breakneck speeds and … Continue reading “Why an Attitude of Accountability should also be accompanied with Accountability of Attitude”


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    Pallavi Jha
    10 November 2020

    This four-part series delves into the skilling landscape of India and lays down recommendations for making it more successful and scalable.


  • Corporate Culture – Key to the Gender Agenda

    Pallavi Jha
    03 July 2021

    Women have come a long way in the workplace since the early part of their work history and yet, the Global Gender Gap Report 2021 published by the World Economic Forum has some startling numbers that makes us rethink a whole lot of things. At the current rate of progress, it is projected that it … Continue reading “Corporate Culture – Key to the Gender Agenda”


  • Are you learning for exposure or change?

    Pallavi Jha
    05 May 2021

    Exploring the best ways to learn online. ‘I am a learner’ Most of us like to define ourselves as lifelong  learners. While many of us grab any opportunity to learn or know more about the world, for many this is an aspirational state. Everything between scientific journals and twitter is being consumed by everyone today. … Continue reading “Are you learning for exposure or change?”


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