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Trainer - Retail Banking

Objective of the Overview of Retail Banking course in CPBFI 3.0

The Certificate Program in Banking, Finance and Insurance (CPBFI), conducted by a leading BFSI client,aims at enhancing employability of graduates especially first-generation graduates. The “Overview of Retail Banking” course is designed by a “Board of Studies” consisting of subject matter experts from Symbiosis School of Banking and Finance (who are also the authors for this course), Master Trainers, experienced CPBFI Trainers and the client Team.

The end objectives of the ‘Overview of Retail Banking’ course are: –

  1. Every participant should be able to “pitch” a banking product as per customer needs. This means the participants should develop excellent understanding of banking need of different type of customers and banking products that can meet those needs. The participants should also develop communication skills, first, to extract the specific needs from the customers and then to explain the features of the recommended products and how those meet the specified needs.
  2. The participant should develop good understanding of differentfunctions and roles inside a bank, such as business development, operations, customer service, underwriting, collection and so on. Along with roles and responsibilities and skill requirements for each of these roles.
  3. The participants should gain good understanding of different banking processes covering all practical aspects such as documentation, authentication, checks and balances, regulatory requirements and so on. The participants should be able to visualize what tasks they would be expected to perform in various banking roles.

Qualifications & Experience

Post-Graduation/Graduation in Commerce, science or engineering.

MBA / post-graduation will be an added advantage.

Preferred Age – 35 – 65 years

Certification in advanced banking courses from reputed institutes would be an advantage.

Certification or Accreditation in training or facilitation would be an advantage.

Work Experience and Competencies

The trainer must have 3 to 5 years’ experience of working in a bank or a large NBFC, ideally in a retail business role and a thorough understanding of asset, liability and fee-based products, selling and other branch banking processes. Experience of working in a customer facing role is ideal.

The trainer must have 3 to 5 years of training experience. Corporate training experience would be an advantage.

Experience in induction training of new bank employees, working as a visiting faculty in colleges or management institutes would be an advantage.

The trainer should be familiar with different group training methodologies such as role plays, group discussion, group presentation, peer to peer learning and so on.

The trainer should be up to date with latest regulatory developments, especially those involving process changes (e.g. KYC) and technological advancement in retail banking.

We are looking for trainers who constantly upgrade their own knowledge and skills, can adapt their training delivery to their audience (trainees) and are willing to experiment with a view to enhance effectiveness of their training delivery. Our best trainers are able to lucidly explain technical concepts without using jargon.

The trainers should be well versed in English and fluent in the regional language. While the training would be conducted in English, trainers who explain the complex concepts in local language are more effective.